Biologic Knee Replacement

What you should know about biologic knee replacementbiologic knee replacement

The revolution in knee replacement, now called biologic knee replacement, has been made possible by advances in outpatient surgical techniques that permit simultaneous articular cartilage, meniscus, and ligament repair and biologic kneeĀ  replacement. KneeThe three-tunnel technique of meniscus replacement developed by Kevin R Stone, MD, at The Stone Clinic in San Francisco secures the new donor meniscus to the tibial plateau in the knee joint, diminishing the chance of subluxation or displacement of the meniscus in the arthritic joint. The stem cell paste graft technique of repairing damaged and arthritic articular cartilage as a single-step, outpatient procedure re-grows a smooth surface where previously dead arthritic bone existed. These two advances permit a biologic knee replacement (soft tissue) approach rather than a bionic or artificial replacement. For more details, see biologic knee surgery replacement

meniscus transplantation for arthritis

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