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Rehab after Rotator Cuff Repair

Knee Surgery | July, 10 2012 | No Comment

Rehab after rotator cuff repair requires three things:  a good physical therapist, patience, and good pain medication.  The physical therapist is responsible for doing passive range of motion so that you don’t end up with a “”frozen shoulder”” and can guide you through your rehab with the do’s and don’ts of post rotator cuff rehab. […]

Medical Tourism for Knee Surgery

Knee Surgery | July, 09 2012 | No Comment

“Rehab to Avoid Knee Replacement Although knee replacement outcomes are very good if you can put off needing or avoid getting a knee replacement, that is preferred. Knee replacement longevity outcomes continue to improve but the current knee replacements last on average about 15 years. So what can be done to put off that surgery? […]

Knee Surgery ACL Reconstruction

Knee Surgery | July, 06 2012 | No Comment

ACL Reconstruction ACL Reconstruction Treatments Our goal with rehabilitation after knee surgery ACL reconstruction is to restore your strength, stability, range of motion, function and confidence in your knee so that you may return to the activities you enjoy.  Rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction requires dedication, discipline, motivation, trust and patience from you. Achieving a successful […]

Biologic Knee Replacement

Knee Surgery | May, 03 2012 | No Comment

Biologic knee replacement Biologic knee replacement involves various combination’s of replacing the missing knee joint meniscus cartilage with a donor tissue, repairing or re-growing the damaged articular cartilage…

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